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As of 01-03-2023, we have had to make a tough and cynical decision to stop offering our beautiful windows, special solutions and much more as a result of drowning in our own success. In future, we will concentrate on benches, lamps and glass grates, while everything else will be stopped. However, we have collaborated with our former partners so that they can continue the cultural heritage. Why we can refer you to the right partners.

Our products are being widely used for worthy National Museum and protected buildings. We have more than 250 different sizes and shapes in our program. All windows can by request be delivered with a combination of insulated storm window and partly or fully possible to open.

Choose between our standard windows or contact us if You have some special dreams.

Stable windows – Cast iron windows – history

Cast iron windows is a solid part of most classic and protected buildings. Velamp still has a high expertise for stable windows and finding the correct match for the given architecture.

Cast iron windows are very slowly degradable and many windows still exist even with an anniversary of more than 100years of service.

The cast iron was produced from doubtful iron ore using charcoal which could only make the cast iron float and thereby possible to poor into the form that was made by sand.

By luck the foundry men could then clean the castings from the penetrated sand. In the beginning the purity of the molten liquid was difficult to control and they had no tools for measuring the temperature. The quality was therefore in the beginning quite poor and the grade was something like grey iron. Grey iron is still being used in pumps, hydraulics and widely in the automotive industry. Grey Iron is not possible to bend or forge and therefore difficult to correct or repair if the outcome was poor in the casting process.

In the 1500s and the 1600s cast iron was more common but still very expensive and extremely time consuming to produce.

During the 1700s the melting process had been improved by substituting the charcoal. Of course also the industrialization helped cast iron by getting more common and was now becoming an alternative to forged and wooden constructions. It was used in Buildings as windows, joints, fences or ornaments.

In the 1800s cast iron was always being used in buildings either in the construction itself but also windows.
Up to 1948 cast iron was only available in grey iron. Despite a low tensile strength Grey iron offers a high compressive strength, slow degradable even without surface treatment. In the case of fire cast iron withstands temperatures up to 1100degrees.
The advantages of using cast iron was clearly proven. As of today forming is being done in various mixtures of sand, which give a demand for 1degree of draft and no rounding should be less than 4mm.

Thereby cast iron has smooth surfaces and beautiful curves which are still the great advantage of cast iron in comparison with steel and forged iron that typically is straight and sharp edged.

A major step in cast iron happened in 1948 by inventing nodular iron. Nodular iron has a far higher tensile strength which was highly needed in the industry.

In 1962 a Danish company called DISA invents the vertical molding principle which speeds up the production dramatically. The DISAMATIC principle is still state of art machine and vital for automotive parts.

Our standard program of classic windows.

Our authentic windows are all cast in Vejen in Denmark. First we do the casting, cleaning, metallizing, 2-k primer, 2-k topcoat whereby we offer a 30 years cast-iron-surface guarantee.

Velamp windows are unique in the marketplace since we cast Nodular Iron to give the highest strength. We have 250 different standard types in the portfolio covering the normal sizes. In the past we have cast windows up to 6meters in height.

Normally we use a 4mm single layer of glass but already many of our windows are prepared for energy glass in various thicknesses.

As an option we can also supply additional insulated storm windows if You need to have the highest degree of insulation.

If you have some old windows we are also experts in renovating. You just need to send the windows to our factory and we will disassemble the glass, shotblast, clean and repair either by welding or by casting new. At the end we apply the new surface treatment that gives another 30 years guarantee to a window that already might have 100 years of service.