With our castiron lampposts  you get classical design that meets modern production and surface treatment. With the right maintenance, our castiron lampposts will also be well maintained in 100 years.

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We mold the classic Copenhagen bench in our well-known good Velamp quality. We also make our own Ribe- and Ergobank. With a Velamp cast iron bench, we create good seating experiences and appreciate old, well-functioning designs.

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Vejen Lamps, “VeLamp” is the only 100% Danish owned and still Danish producing foundry manufacturing classic lamps, benches and cast iron windows in Denmark. The foundry was established back in 1944 and competed with 3 other small foundries in Vejen. In Denmark we had more than 120 foundries in that period. Our foundry is still located in Vejen (, where we are still casting, forging, painting and assembling our classic products. With more than 70 years of experience in cast iron parts for town- and landscape environments our sales force can help you to renovate or develop the correct historical atmosphere.

We will gladly show our modern foundry to the costumer enabling them to follow the goods from molten level to finished part.

Since we proudly cast ourselves we can control the process 100% this giving You the highest guarantee. In addition we always give a cast-iron surface guarantee of 30years.

Velamp belongs to the foundry Uldalls Jernstøberi and we are part of the big Danish foundry group Birn in Holstebro.


You can download and print our brochure that shortly tells about our capabilities.