As mentioned many times in our website, the use of Cast iron is an old tradition. Even though cast iron from the cradle has an extensive lifetime, you need from time to time to maintain or even refurbish.

We are constantly asked to refurbish especially parts from protected buildings. All these products are protected with our Standard Surface treatment.

The process of refurbishment:

  • Disassemble, and send the parts to our factory in Vejen.
  • Shotblasting, to clean corrosion and other pollution.
  • Repair of surfaces, by welding etc.
  • “copy casting”, partly or full and then eventually weld together.
  • Metallize, which consist of Zink.
  • Primer, 2-component.
  • Top-coat, 2-component, this also has high degree of zinc.
  • Assembly, Copper, wires, wood, glass….
  • Shipment.

All these steps ensure a product that is as good as it left foundry many years ago. Therefore, we also in this case offer our 30 years cast-iron surface guarantee for refurbished parts.