Traditionally many churches, cemeteries, castles, manor houses used cast iron fences to make beautiful entrances or as fence to define the premises.

In the past cast iron was frequently used due to long durability but also because cast iron can be decorated with ornaments that could tell a story about the place.

Cast iron history for Bollard, fence and gates

A classic and elegant way to finalize a renovation or a new building is to use a cast iron bollard, fence or gate to top the decoration.
In the very early days of cast iron where only grey iron was available it was not the best material to use for gates and fences because of the low degree of tensile strength.

In the mid 1800s the quality was doubtful since they had no means to control the chemical composition and neither could they control the temperature. However, the industrialization supported the growth of cast iron usage. For these types of products the possibility for decorations, ornaments was a thriving area.

Nowadays bollards, fence and gates are much more durable thanks to the invention of Nodular iron back in 1948, the increased tensile strength is very important to avoid cracks and fractures.

Velamp Bollard, fence and gates are all made by nodular iron which will assure a long lasting lifetime for our products.